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7612 Mowatt Lane College Park MD 20740 US

Chesed Committee:

Chair: Sara Linder


  • Jenny Schlisser
  • Ari Gertner
  • Aliza Kozlovsky
  • Moshe Klein
  • Lydia Sonenklar
  • Sofie Levinson

Shabbat Committee:

Chair: Sarah-Leah Thompson


  • Avi Eisenstein
  • Hannah Warshawsky
  • Josh Ashkenazy
  • Sarah Otis
  • David Stein
  • Ben Taragin
  • Zev Shields
  • Max Schlussel​

Education Committee:

Chair: Yael Magid


  • Ben Kaplan
  • Shoshana Javitt
  • Jannah Laserson
  • Eitan Zecher
  • Lydia Sonenklar
  • Alyssa Gabay
  • David Stein
  • Moshe Klein
  • Devora Berkowitz
  • Nicole Feigenblum
  • Yonit Ollech

Technical Committee:

Chair: Amos Remer


  • Miri Miller
  • ​Ben Kaplan

Social Committee:

Chair: Gwynne Gershenson


  • Aviva Movsas
  • Daniella Sassieni 
  • Shira Movsas 
  • Jordan Robbins 
  • Amitai Samuels 
  • Mikey Frohlinger 
  • Jannah Laserson 
  • Josh Ashkenazy 
  • Nicole Feigenbaum 
  • Devora Berkowitz 
  • Shira Cygler
  • David Stein 
  • Avi Schneider 
  • Akiva Gebler

One of the great parts of Kedma is that many students are involved in every aspect of the community. There are five different committees, as well as the Kedma Board. It is easy for any student to get involved at any level of commitment, too.

Below are links to the Kedma Constitution, By-Laws, and the committee charters.

Kedma Constitution

Kedma By-Laws

If you feel that there is a committee that should exist, but currently does not,

please fill out theNew Committee Application Form.

Committee Charters:

Fundraising Committee

Shabbat Committee

Social Committee

Technical Committee

​Chesed Committee

​Current Committee Members:

Kedma Government